Quality and certification

Prior to being received, the raw material is subject to constant monitoring in order to offer consumers a sea-product of flawless quality with a traceability guarantee from raw material to finished product.

The steps that come after cooking are: crimping, sterilization, packaging, storage and shipment.

Silver Food also has an internal laboratory accredited by the ONSSA (National Sanitary and Security Office for Food Products) for the self-monitoring of its raw materials, ingredients and finished products from receipt to shipment.

Furthermore, all products manufactured by Silver Food are covered by a quality system based on HACCP principles, a tool for risk management that protects the food against microbiological, chemical, physical and other hazards. This system is developed in line with the recommendations of the Codex Alimentarius.

SILVER FOOD opted for IFS certification in June 2011, but to access the Anglo-Saxon market it has become essential for it to certify in accordance with the latest international standards ; hence the decision to get the BRC V7 certification and the need for this project to adapt the company’s QMS to the requirements of this accreditation.

Not to mention the other various labels, namely Friend of the Sea, Halal, which not only guarantee the highest quality of the products but also the compliance with its customers’ demands.