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Silver Food project was initiated as part of an investment agreement signed in May 2005 with the Moroccan government to become the first fish cannery operating in the Casablanca region. This project includes a fish cannery, a process water treatment plant and a fish waste processing unit.

The plant, which specializes in the manufacture of canned tuna, mackerel and sardines, was acquired back in 2015. Since its inception, it has always been equipped with powerful cutting-edge technology equipment, acquired from the greatest vendors in the field, for the manufacture and marketing of the Mario and Atlanta brands. Silver Food also manufactures cans under distributors’ private labels on behalf of large retail groups.

Within a very short timeframe, Silver Food has succeeded in developing a broad technical expertise in fish canning. Many certifications corroborate the expertise of Silver Food, including its HACCP, IFSV6 (International Food Standard), FDA (Food & Drug Administration), BRC V7 (British Retail Consortium) ...

On the environmental side, the company assumes its share of responsibility by incorporating sustainable actions into its production, supply and operation activities. These actions relate to energy efficiency, water consumption optimisation, valuation of its fish waste into fishmeal and fish oil, and treatment of its wastewater in its own station of treatment. These actions are included in a comprehensive management system that was granted the international ISO 14001 certification and the Friend of the Sea label (sustainable fishing label)