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SILVER FOOD has several production lines : automatic lines and manual lines.

The main stages of the production process :

The receipt of the fresh, frozen and precooked, raw material (such as the imported tuna loins) 

The operations topping, tailing and evisceration.

  • The slipcase Packing
  • The cooking
  • Crimping
  • Sterilization
  • Cooling
  • Conditioning
  • Storage
  • Expedition

All such transactions are tracked and monitored through a rigorous quality control and traceability system based on national and highest international standards. Silver Food also has an integrated Quality Management Program ensures complete traceability from “sea to store”.

Product line:

  • Classic sardine with oil, with tomato sauce, with oil and vegetables.
  • Skinless, boneless sardines, in oil and with vegetables
  • Sardine balls in vegetable oil and tomato sauce
  • Mackerel filets with oil and tomato sauce
  • Tuna in oil and tomato sauce.
  • Tuna fillet in vegetable oil, with lemon and vegetable oil